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The Randy B. Lewis All-University Leadership Conference is a unique opportunity at UCI for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to spend a weekend together to meet one another, network, hone their leadership skills, and discuss important issues facing the University. Carefully selected speakers and presenters address topics of concern to today's UCI students. Usually held the first weekend in October, the "All-U" is one of the hottest tickets around and often fills to capacity during summer.

UCI's Randy B. Lewis All-University Leadership Conference is scheduled for October 11th and 12th and the conference will be held on campus at our very own UCI Student Center.

All-University Leadership Conference Goals:

- Student Pride and Spirit
To promote campus spirit and inspire students to become proud and effective leaders.

- Student Empowerment
To raise awareness about campus issues and empower students to pursue meaningful involvements in university governance.

- Campus Culture
To better understand and value the diversity within the campus culture and to appreciate how diversity can positively affect the UCI community.

- Leadership Styles and Skills
To better understand different leadership styles and to strengthen one’s personal leadership skills.

- Integrity and Values-Based Decision Making
To promote leadership integrity and values-based decision making

- Student, Faculty, and Administrative Relations
To fortify linkages and invigorate communication between student, faculty, and administrative leaders.

- Follow-Up
To identify strategies for applying information learned at the conference to leadership challenges within the university setting.


Check out a video from previous years of the All-U!