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Administrative Intern Program

Each year, approximately 25 undergraduates are selected to participate in the UCI Administrative Intern Program. Under the guidance of carefully chosen UCI mentors, Administrative Interns work 10 hours per week in campus departments where they assume responsibility for projects and enhance their leadership skills. Students selected for this year-long program also enroll in a three-quarter course through the Paul Merage School of Business where they receive 12 units of Pass/No Pass credit for the academic year.

      About Admin Intern

Administrative Interns work closely with their mentors to determine the focus of their internship. In the past, mentors have come from campus departments such as Arroyo Vista Housing, Athletics, Career Center, Cross-Cultural Center, Division of Undergraduate Education, Henry Samueli School of Engineering, Middle Earth Housing, and Student Life & Leadership,.

Internships usually involve responsibility for a single or series of significant projects. Examples of projects that interns have undertaken in the past include an analysis of selected campus retail operations, promoting undergraduate research opportunities, developing a department handbook or policy guide, establishing a process for selecting student staff, marketing and administrating a leadership development program, and administering student focus groups.

Administrative Interns enroll in a three-quarter course (Administrative Internship 198 A-B-C) for four units of credit per quarter through the Paul Merage School of Business. This seminar meets weekly and includes readings, journal assignments, team projects and reports, guest presenters, and special projects. In addition, several corporate site visits are scheduled each year. The seminar also offers Administrative Interns the opportunity to relate their campus internship experiences to the topics covered in class.

2009-2010 Admin Interns with Irvine Mayor, Sukhee Kang
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